Problems It Solves

Every single successful person who has ever lived has asked themselves the Question at some point or another.

Most of the time, they haven’t even known they were asking it.

During my search for the key to success, it became obvious that instead of studying self help literature, I should study successful people.  This is something that all self help and success books tell you to do, but usually they simply say, “Ask yourself what makes them successful” or some other equally vague question.  This from the same books that advocate being specific when you set your own goals!

The problem with a question that vague is that you never know exactly what it really was that made those people successful.  You might say they already had some money to invest with, or were born talented, or had some other advantage most other people don’t have.

Those aren’t reasons why people succeed.  Having the tools for success doesn’t mean that the person who has them is going to use them.  There is something else at work.  And it is the same thing in every single person who has ever been successful at anything.

Put simply, I honestly do believe that there is no problem great or small that the answer to the Right Question cannot solve.  I honestly, truly feel that it does contain everything I’ve ever read in any success book ever.  It isn’t going to tell you exactly how to get rich, lose weight, or live the life of your dreams, but it is going to tell you when.

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