The life of your dreams is going to happen to you, if it happens at all.

So make sure it happens.

Realize your dreams based on the knowledge that you did the right things to get there.

I’m offering you what you have always wanted, and what seems to good to be true – a shortcut through everything you could spend the next 20 years reading.  I’m offering you not only the results of my own experience on my way to success, but every single idea in every self help book ever written, in one sentence.  The Right Question is the answer you’ve been looking for.

I explain each phrase (there are three), and each word in those phrases.  I give you personal stories of how it came about, examples of how you can use it whether you’re so depressed you can barely get out of bed or are already successful but just feel that there’s something missing.

I can’t count the number of books, audio programs, videos and other materials that I bought, whether new or over eBay or local classifieds, from people who never used the information in them.  These are materials that cost thousands of dollars that they bought, listened to or read once or not at all, and decided their investment wasn’t worth it.  Reading TRQ will separate you from the rest of the herd – you’ll learn about success and possibility, not defeat and despair.

It seems too good to be true, but it isn’t.  There are lots of obstacles in your path.  I never said it would be easy.

I’m saying it’s worth it.

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