The Question is the Answer

Have you ever really gotten an answer?

Statistically, you’ve bought several self-development programs, courses, or ebooks.  And although all of them have taught you something valuable, I’ll bet none of them ever really encouraged you to think.

That’s because they all pretend to give you answers.

I say they ‘pretend’ to give answers because they have no real idea just what your problems are, yet they all provide answers.  To questions you haven’t even asked!  And when it comes to things like setting goals, they all say the same things.

Well, I did those things.  And I never really reached any of my goals doing it that way.

Not until I added the Question.

Many self-help gurus are pretty comfortable giving advice and telling you what you should do.  Weight loss and diet gurus do the same thing.  So do financial gurus.  “You should stop eating this, start eating that, invest in this, invest in that.”

Quite often, we feel that we need answers but don’t know where to start simply because we don’t know where we are, and it’s easy to think we need somebody to tell us.  But as long as you know where you want to end up, it doesn’t matter where you start.

The only thing that has ever led humanity out of the darkness and into the light is our ability to think, and to use our imagination.  It is what separates us from animals, what gives us possibilities, what helps us understand, what empowers us.  Thinking solves problems that are created by those who don’t bother thinking.

But here’s the interesting thing:  Thinking is a decision.

It’s something we decide to do.  When somebody else takes over, provides answers, takes charge, are you secretly relieved that now you don’t have to think anymore?  You’ve probably noticed that those who think are criticized more often than those who don’t bother.  Not thinking is a great way to avoid responsibility.  But it also means that we aren’t seen as trustworthy, independent, or worthy of respect.  And it certainly isn’t going to help us succeed at anything.

The great thing about the Question is that it’s something you can ask yourself silently, think about silently, and come up with answers to silently.  Nobody has to know.  It’s just you and the Question and one minute of your time, and then you move on in whatever direction you chose.

This means that YOU are the one who gets to provide the answers.  Once you’ve asked the Question, you get to understand what your own opinion is of what’s going on around you.  You get to finally see where you stand with yourself.  You’ll realize that you really do have all the answers inside you, and you can ask the Question about even the smallest aspect of your life.  With a tiny bit of practice, you’ll be applying it to bigger and bigger things.  And you’ll wonder why nobody ever told you this before.

It’s also obvious to me every time I see someone succeeding at something – anything at all – that they’ve asked the Question, and their success is the result of the answer.  And it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about somebody running for President or running for the elevator, the question is the same and the answer depends on the individual.

That’s why the answer is never a wrong answer.  Isn’t that beautiful?

I was standing in a bookstore the other day, at the self help section, leafing through a book written by a now-famous human rights activist, Bob Goff.  He has done some great work in his life.  I can tell you right now that his book is decent and worth reading.  But I can also tell you that there’s one thing he didn’t say, one thing you’ll find nowhere else but here…

His success is a result of The Right Question, the most powerful sentence in the world.  The one sentence that every single successful person has ever asked – and the answer to which has also explained every failure.  It’s all you need.

The Question is the Answer.

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