It’s Video Day!

Hi everyone!  My team has been hard at work compiling and editing a video for you!

Ultimately it’s all about getting you to read and use the Question to improve your life, so although video is fun and all, at the end of the day you need to be able to go to bed knowing you’ve moved at least a little closer to your dreams.

Not only is it video day, it’s TGIMyLife day!  My old site,, was looking pretty dated.  Also, I felt that the use of the word “guru” wasn’t something I wanted to be associated with.  I’ve always been suspicious of those who claim to know everything about something, especially after my 25 years of research into the gurus who were supposedly helping me succeed all this time!  Even though the emphasis was on making you the guru when it comes to your own life, the word felt wrong to me.  TGIMyLife is a fun name, and when you say it you’re reminded of exactly why you’re working towards something better in life – it’s your life, no one else’s, and as I’ve said many times…

The life of your dreams is going to happen to you, if it happens at all.

Find out how by downloading the Right Question now!

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